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I’m really looking forward to ensure that the Retina iPad Mini 2. If there is a bad battery was not sure what to expect? brightness of the screen low, you want to be? It is a question of evacuating chicken manure?

Luckily no one came, and Apple, in fact, increase the mini-amphitheater by the first iPad mini iPad time managed to create a new value. No iPad Mini iPad Mini 2 to 4, and still probably the best value.
We found it

IPad Mini was great the first time around the design; Thus, to use the larger version on Apple and measurement. About the same as it was back here, but seems less likely to chip, including all-aluminum design is still whining and me.

Hood a large battery and a tablet market when it first because it seemed to get ahead of Apple in the praise of the government based on a powerful processor, and both of these functions is still very good.

life of the battery, a strong need IOS 9, A7 chip a strong fashion, and will continue to function in the Retina-screen, while wide too late, clear and bright.

improving the list to the amount of 4G bands, MIMO Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, powerful applications … it’s all, and then so many ways similar to a tablet like Apple praised the usual stuff and then I start to band.
we keep

I’m talking about, I refer again to talk tired price’m’m. It is similar to Arena competition a big screen that has come to avoid the situation to emphasize is great, with the iPad Air.

However, Google or Amazon, or down unfair to users as its own ecosystem of Apple in a low cost for both you sell a little to involve your equipment to Apple to charge a little more normal route advantage – it is the opposite high costs better.
It’s a shame because it’s a perfect tablet otherwise. can fill a bit with the color of some competitors, the screen is not as vibrant on the screen, but I can not really call it a problem.

Memory issues such as the value of the coupling must be mentioned here. Can the material you more than enough space will have to buy the tablet version, however, is not enough to 16GB option.

User settings, such as a big negative, are not for this label down – but the step-up systems, a value of 16 GB to 32 GB price.

In many ways it was almost flawless launch iPad Mini 2. It is a tool that will grow to fill the list of applications, and 64-bit A7 chip and you get an old-fashioned instrument with Retina display is future-proof.

Design, even if it is two years from the start in the tablet category.

Update iOS 9 has been some progress – you can have all new features which can be read here, but in short, it has helped to bring the system into a beautiful combination.

Even the ball that the mini-games basically everything on its feet … and a little more.

As a result, in spite of a few years, means a considerable tablet. Apple support to keep them for a few years to go, and this (albeit with poor technique 4) packing the same screen resolution than the current iPad mini.

It sounds great, continue to open and close applications pretty quickly, and luckily there is offering a 32 GB version.

This is definitely the best budget tablet, and is still worth a look as a gift – in a year or two that you have to worry about upgrades. To know more…….


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