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My biggest weakness as a travel agent? I can not sleep on the plane.
If you’re like me, you have the feeling That washes over you When Europe (East Asia, South America, etc.) know nothing but the red eyes, face and know that 12 hours between fear of pain That thesis hard branch digging into her hips, banging her head against the window shade in bound, legs numb sleeping posture as you contort a miracle will bring his hard a wonderful trip, coach class. And you do not have to go far.
But if you do as much as I love traveling, suck it up and go. A desperate long-haul flights more bearable and sleepless try Flight to a panacea that i travel pillow with four on a journey from the Netherlands to Germany, and San Francisco. I products that Seemed unusual or fascinating chose. Here’s How They are Assessed. (Spoiler alert: I Hardly slept a wink.)
Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow
Travel pillow Kuhi The comfortable cushion: Kuhi comfortable travel pillow neck pillow is not your standard size. It has two softballs attached by a strap is cylindrical with. Indicates That You can use in many ways to sell. Put it in a way, and the neck portion is you; If you fall over, and at the flat portion. Directly on the shoulders, and you can tuck tape to keep one side and another blow to put behind you for support and a book still in the womb.
Flies: I loved this – the original design and materials are high-end. My frustration was just as close. Lease is very small and the ball (RAW) is very large. I was neck pillow, I felt surrounded by the material. Did not work, is the option to try – too heavy a cushion for better support and on the pendulum body is very small. The final blow: the pillow is not bad, a little cloth sack him lay neatly on the handle of your rollaboard but inconvenient to carry around a backpack. Read more……

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