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Andis is growing worldwide. Andis Today thesis products in Europe are Introduced about 80 years ago, and the products are in 90 countries around the world. Hairdresser, stylist, groomers, and Consumers everywhere clippers, trimmers, bound, knife, curling irons and hair straighteners Andis whenthey reach the top, depending on the device you want to run to continue.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer tee equipped with knives. Ideal for fine-toothed autumn cut around the cut and make designs. contoured body fits comfortably in the hand and heavy, eight foot cable Allows a lot of room to work. High speed, strong magnetic motor runs cool and quiet assured That your customers convenience. High carbon steel cutting blades specially hardened for long life. T outliner outlines and all closer to trim the neck and t blade, beard, mustache and fading to edges Their ears, for example. Designed and developed produced in the United States, andis ook the quality of animal care clippers and trimmers for the hospitality industry, as well as a complete line HAS assembled a complete line of the wall it is mounted.
Andis T-Outliner Trimmer blade replacement or high-quality carbon and superfine teeth steel blade frame molding set, and is perfect for styling elements.

* Ideal for all-round periphery and Fading
* Very neck, beard, mustache trimming knife, cutting and edging affixed around the ears
* Accommodation with high-speed motor Controured
* Ideal for dry shaving
* A personal razor blade can be set experience
Equipped with a cut-off trifoliate *
* Ideal for all-round periphery and Fading
* High-speed motor with a rounded enclosure
* Delicate bite incisors
Powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet
* High quality carbon steel blades for long life cutting specially hardened
* Ideal for dry shaving
* Heavy-duty 8-foot cord with hanger
* Neck, beard, mustache trimming and ear T-blade model fence around.   To know More,Click Here……..


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