Portable Key Lock

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The first Feeling That hackers are car thief. Our portable key safe lock box with the keys in the wrong hands, or working to meet the plumber is not too early to worry leave. This is a portable key cabinet door handles, steering wheels, the car can stay connected, 5, who can not believe that your access code is available with up.
Our Zinc Alloy Design, weather-resistant, non-corrosive and impact-resistant plastic housing with freezing and cracking. I pray or hammer Their Way into the compartment double wall construction to protect your key to a castle is one of them to try, are available. in order to prevent Default manipulation and weather vinyl coated steel bracket. If you need access to your trusted partners, but the process can be simplified. 10 Digital code so easily manipulated wheels, there is no need to press the button, just as a child or someone can not open places with limited dexterity. Pass code on your own, or choose one that's Collected technical or service. You can change the code after each use.
You can use your portable directly sure, Because it requires no tools or special skills. First, more than 10,000 possible combinations That you need to install the code. 5. Add Key, and then a heck of vehicle frame, rack or other stationary bike in your home is safe from the point. Technicians, mechanics and his family withe enter your code to use your keys.

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